Noovle Cloud

The challenge for the best solutions based on Cloud and Artificial Intelligence


Challenge for startups, scaleups and Italian and foreign SMEs with the aim of identifying the most innovative partners in the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence fields
Areas of interest: e-Health, Sustainability, Containers as a Service.

MARCH 1 st, 2022

Applications open

MARCH 31 st, 2022

Submission deadline

MAY 2022
[ NEW DATE ] JULY 2022

Finalists announcement

Purpose and contents

Noovle S.p.A. is the TIM Group leading cloud enabler and Center of Excellence supporting the digital transformation of Italian public and private companies.

Noovle and TIM Open Innovation - TIM Group's Open Innovation Program that promotes business opportunities and collaboration with startups, small and medium enterprises and scaleups - launch NoovleCloudChallenge.

The initiative aims to involve the best national and international startups, SMEs and scale-ups to identify the most innovative technological solutions, able to exploit the potential of the cloud and support the digital transformation of enterprises and public administrations.

The project is part of Noovle's strategy focused on building a portfolio of value-added products and services for the market.

The proposals submitted may cover the following areas:

  • e-Health:
    Application solutions, based on big data analytics and artificial intelligence, to support the health monitoring services, to optimize methods and timing intervention, combined with the processing of statistical data of the territory and pharmaceutical data.
    Advanced Customer Experience solutions to optimize booking management, visits and exams acceptance and delivery processes related.
    Smart Home: cloud solutions and Virtual Assistant for assistance and monitoring of the elderly and disabled at home.
    Smart Hospital: cloud and AI solutions for logistics management, maintenance and procedural processes of hospital buildings and procurement processes (e.g., cold chain).
    Training and Education: advanced support for specialists also based on AR/VR solutions for purposes eg. of exercise, simulation and support of interventions, for the improvement of skills and operational training.
  • Sustainability:
    Application solutions, based on big data analytics and artificial intelligence, that help companies achieve sustainability goals, such as reducing dependence on fossil fuels, reducing CO2 emissions, measuring environmental impact, minimizing energy consumption, reduce waste and methodologies to preserve ecosystems and territories.
    Application solutions, based on big data analytics and artificial intelligence, to support sustainable mobility, to reduce CO2 emissions due to the movement of things and/or people, whether it is road transport, sea transport and/or airplane.
  • CaaS (Container as a Service):
    In the context of Cloud transformation, the most advanced and efficient choice is a container-based and microservices-oriented solution, highly innovative cloud-based solutions are sought that can support the operation, management, and maintenance of a MATCH-like architecture, based on Micro-services, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants to the Challenge may be national and international companies, small and medium-size enterprises, and scaleups that meet all the following eligibility criteria:

  • must have been established for at least 1 year up to a maximum of 15 years;
  • 2021 revenue amounting to € 50.000,00 or higher, or with more than € 500.000,00 received in funding;
  • introducing an innovative digital project that leverages on the company’s own digital products or services and that has a level of technological readiness greater than 6 as defined in accordance with the previsions contained in the Technology Readiness Level Annex (“Exhibit 1”).

Proposals evaluation and Award

The challenge will remain open from March 1 st to March 31 st, 2022.
For any technical or organizational need, the Organization reserves the right to change the start and closing date of the challenge, informing the Applicants.
Proposals will be evaluated by a jury composed of TIM and Noovle managers and external experts who will identify the best projects.

The Jury will evaluate the Proposals submitted by the Candidates at its sole and unquestionable discretion, according to the evaluation criteria set out in the Rules and Regulations.

Applicants must accept the of the Rules and Regulations of the Challenge and the related information, by checking the specific section on the website and declaring that they have read the privacy policy.

The award ceremony will take place in May during the dedicated event with the participation of Google Cloud.

The winning proposals will have the opportunity to negotiate a collaboration agreement with Noovle (Article 5 of the Rules and Regulations).

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Noovle and TIM Open Innovatiob

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Noovle Cloud

The challenge for the best solutions based on Cloud and Artificial Intelligence